Barr Walk-in Cooler

Walk in Cooler

A dream coming true.  We have raised enough funds to start the installation for the walk-in cooler.

This has been an item truly needed to keep our food fresh.

June 2020

Here is what is going on so far...


Electrical Work

Electricians working to get the power for both a cooler and a freezer.  Thank you for the donations toward this work.

Prep for Slab

Volunteers remove existing cement sidewalk and prepare ground for cement pad for the cooler.  Thank you for the donation of time and equipment from Expeditions Unlimited


Slab Foundation

Gravel for cement pad foundation.  Thank You DL Gasser for the donation

gravel for pad foundation


Through WKOW channel 27 in Madison, Shannon Howley was nominated and a winner of  the Jefferson Award for volunteerism. 

Shannon is our President and Executive Director.

 Volunteers - Early 2020


Cooler Pad

Just need it to set!

This is so awesome!


Cooler Walls going up

Is this really going up?

Thank you Lord Jesus!

Freezer Floor

Just about done with freezer floor

Cooler pour

Cooler floor being poured and prepared.


Framing for concrete pad

We are ready for the cement pour


freezer slab pour

Hard working men preparing the freezer floor.

Cooler Built

Not done yet

Still have some electrical left, BUT we are so close and it is cooling!


Do you see the freezer here?

We are not quite there yet.  Please feel free to donate.  Let's make all of the dreams come true.

freezer building team

Freezer Built

And Just like that...



With the hard work of this team the freezer walls are up.

Pebble Road

What is next?

Freezer running

cement ramps

shelter over both units

We are seeing the light at the end of the road for this project.

April 17, 2019 Pantry

Video Tour of the Pantry - Uploaded November, 2016

Wednesday Night Pantry -

September 2018

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