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Are you a non-profit?
Yes, we are a 501(c)3.  Your donations are tax deductible.
*New in 2020 - Under the CARES Act, donors can get a Federal income tax deduction for charitable contributions of up to 100% of their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

How much does it cost the pantry to feed a family? 
We can feed a family on $20.00 per month.  We are averaging over 1,000 household per month since COVID.

What does that 20 dollars include? 
Operating cost (including rent, utilities, office supplies and such) and Food (including when available fresh produce, meat such as chicken, beef and pork, dry goods, and dairy.)

Can I specify my donation to be applied for food only?
You may and we do honor these requests.  Please also note, if we do not have a facility to disperse the food, we will need to close our doors.

Do you buy food?
Yes, we get discounted and wholesale food pricing from Second Harvest.  We also purchase food from local grocers.

Do you have paid staff?
We do pay our executive director (Shannon Howley), who puts in uncountable hours per month.  .  We have over 75 hard working volunteers who are not paid.

Can I have a food drive for you?
Yes, Please contact Shannon at info@bbpantry.org.  We can not accept expired food.

If you have more questions, please contact us at info@bbpantry.org