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Tammy B

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Gillian L

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Todd J

Jackie S

Sandy C


Memory of

Stephanie Bartlett, who loved to

feed people

In Memory of James W Clark

Loretta R

Ken and Barb B

Bobbie and Dan S

Fran F

Joan K

Sue P

Sandy S

Lisa K

Janet G

Kris and Holly R

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Karen and John T

Ron and Linda A

Ann and Carl C

Rose and Bill W


Hill Bible




Ginger H

Barbara C

In Honor of Deb Klaetsch

Megan H

Robin H

Elisabeth K

Cheryl V

In Honor of Harold "Pete" Schaaf


Lake Delton



Those who prefer to remain anonomous

In Memory of Virgil Hartje

Sarah H

Sandy H

Julia R

Marie M

Michael B

Karen M

Cole M

Greg and Sherri H

June J

Richard G

Jeffrey S

Courtney H

In Memory of Faye Lindsey

In Memory of Dee Cliff

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Ann H

Kaether Family

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Jerry and Karen V

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Elizabeth C

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Jack M

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Nicole C

Luella and John Z

Kim and Dottie M

Laurie J

Terry and Jackie S

Tom and Teri D

Shawna W

Troy H

We do not want to forget about those who have donate in the past
Without these people we would not be where we are today!
Todd and Shari Nelson
Family Foundation
Celeste N